These flower is for people who died by traffic accident.

One day, I noticed a flower bouquet on my usual way. Laying around were scattered pieces of plastic and

a damaged guardrail made it obvious to me that there was an accident here, and somebody had died.

That particular bouquet in this ordinary scene was too beautiful under the morning sunshine and it made me nervous.

Day by day, flowers withered, then were replaced with fresh ones. Each time when new flowers arrived, they were smaller than the last.


I became eager for it when the bouquet shrunk in half. I almost believed that the bouquet stays in my road naturally.

Suddenly, it was gone. I was shocked not be able to photograph it anymore. At last, the guardrail got repaired, the memory of the death was washed away.

I felt the existence of the flower, after it vanished. I started casting around the scene of the accident.

Unfortunately, traffic accidents happen day by day.

Another beautiful flower appears at the corner and dies then another one, A sorrowful chain reaction that never stops.